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Free Complexion Analysis

Visia is the first skin care photographic imaging tool that provides clinical measurement of surface and subsurface facial skin conditions.  Visia Complexion Analysis System captures multi-spectral photos of the face, examining the complexion for wrinkles, spots, pores, texture porphyry (evidence of bacteria in pores), UV spots (photo damage, typically from overexposure to sun) pigmented spots and acne.  Additionally, Visia grades an individual’s skin features relative to others of the same age and skin type.  Every client who is imaged with Visia can receive a printed skin analysis report to take home.  The Visia reports include analysis results and treatment recommendations from the client’s skin care professional.

Valued at $97, THE VISIA COMPLEXION ANALYSIS, EVALUATION, and SKIN EDUCATION is FREE and takes 30 to 60 minutes.  Fill out the form below to request your free analysis.

Visia Analysis Machine
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