Body Essence’s August 2018 Monthly Specials


Body Essence's August 2018 Monthly Specials are THIRST QUENCHING! Get Your Botox On AUGUST 9th ONLY Make an appointment right now and secure your Botox at $12/unit! CLICK HERE BUY ONE SYRINGE OF JUVÉDERM® FILLER & GET 10 UNITS OF BOTOX® FOR FREE! Want to find out how JUVÉDERM® and [...]

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  • Botox and Juvederm benefits

How Botox and Juvederm Work Together


How Botox and Juvederm can work together to make you look younger Botox is aimed at smoothing out wrinkles, whereas facial fillers, like Juvederm are used to plump up features that have been deflated by age or sun exposure. Unlike traditional facelifts, these procedures can be done without general anesthesia, and [...]

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  • Christmas in July Sale 25% off all products

Body Essence’s July 2018 Monthly Specials


Body Essence's July 2018 Monthly Specials are SIZZLING! MORE JULY SAVINGS BELOW Mark your calendars!! July 18th is the FREE Jane Iredale makeover day! It gets even better! You get a free makeover AND receive 30% off all Jane Iredale products!  You must make an appointment for July 18th to be [...]

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  • Dream Body Team 2

Meet the Dream Body Team


Make an appointment now to meet with the Dream Body Team for all your weight loss, hormone therapy, body sculpting, and skin care needs. 540.887.8200

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  • Laser Anti-Aging Treatment

Join Us for Makeover October!


While the leaves are falling and the weather is cooling, take a little time to assess your beauty routine. What old habits and products would you like to discard, and what have you been meaning to try? Join us during Makeover October while we sweep out the OLD and bring in the [...]

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  • Body Essence Skin and Laser in Staunton, VA

The Med Spa Difference


The 3 Key Differences Between a Med Spa and a Day Spa Body Essence Skin & Laser in Staunton, Virginia Never before have beauty industry clients faced so many options!  Researching treatment options and seeking recommendations from family and friends can help you determine whether a medical [...]

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