The 3 Key Differences Between a Med Spa and a Day Spa

Never before have beauty industry clients faced so many options!  Researching treatment options and seeking recommendations from family and friends can help you determine whether a medical spa (med spa) or day spa offers the services you desire.  With clear intentions and knowledgeable expectations you can choose the best approach for you.  Keep these three key differences in mind before booking your appointment.

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1.  Med Spas offer specialized services

A primary difference between a med spa and day spa is that a med spa offers non-surgical aesthetic medical services.  These medical treatments are treatments that impact or affect the living tissue of the body.  Typical services you might find at a med spa include laser hair removal, injected fillers, non-invasive body contouring, certain chemical peels, and dermainfusion.  In contrast, day spa services are cosmetic and focused on rejuvenation.  A day spa menu often includes options such as hot stone massage, manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxing.

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2.  Med Spas Have an Onsite Licensed Healthcare Professional

The onsite presence and supervision of a licensed healthcare professional is a core element of a med spa, according to the American Med Spa AssociationMany of the medical procedures offered at med spas vary based on a patient’s age, skin type or skin condition, and medical history.  Therefore some treatments require that a patient meet face-to-face with a healthcare professional at the med spa in order to review the treatment plan and to be prescreened for the proposed procedure.

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3.  Med Spa treatments must be performed by trained and qualified practitioners

The specialized services at medical spas require specialized licensing.  All treatments must be under the general supervision of a licensed physician and performed by trained, experienced and qualified practitioners.  The American Med Spa Association’s Treatment Directory can help you learn more about common procedures available in med spas and the required training for the practitioners performing your treatment.

While the med spa setting can offer as tranquil an environment as a day spa, it’s important to remember that you are a patient and receiving a medical procedure.  Voice any concerns you have prior, during, or after a treatment.  The medical spa staff will welcome your questions and care for your comfort.